“Take the time to do what makes your soul happy”
Yoga – Healing – Happiness


Life is about feeling good in body, mind and soul. Before I became a butterfly I was struggling through life like a caterpillar. Yoga brings the attention inwards, where the answers are. Healing helps you letting go of what you don’t need anymore to come to your true self. Happiness will follow, living from the heart, spreading love and joy like a butterfly. Will you fly with me?


Yoga helps you making contact with yourself. Closing the eyes helps the attention to go inwards, to get in touch with yourself …


Healing is about the art of letting go. Letting old things that don’t serve you anymore in this stage of your life.Becoming aware of the patterns …


Happiness is a flow state what we all strive for. True happiness is living free from the heart. True happiness is living your soul purpose …


I got a wonderful massage from Scarlet on Ibiza. I can highly recommend her. She takes the time and feels well where tension in the body is stored and she knows how to handle it well. Thank you Scarlet.

Carlo Spetter

Joined a lovely yin yang yoga session by Scarlet atBeach house today. It was relaxing and meditative and definitely a workout too. thank you

Esther Jorg

I had a yoga class of Scarlet on the beach in Ibiza. I can highly recommend it

Rachel Esser

During my holdiay in Ibiza I wanted to relax with some meditation and massage. Scarlet was recommended through a friend. She gave me an amazing massage en the 45 minute guided meditation was very special. It was very calming and Scarlet relaxed me with her calming voice and words. I will definately book her again

Benny Ferrier

Gentle touch, very relaxing massage

Lutz Andreas

I can highly recommend the yoga lessons. Scarlet was our yoga teacher every morning in a retreat week on Ibiza and every lesson/day was different and adjusted to the group needs. I had the pleasure to have Scarlet also in a private morning session which was magical. The lesson was a great mix of yin/yang, both meditative and a yoga work out, a calm voice and magical music of India Arie. Will definitely book lessons in the future again!

Ngadirah Esser Kneefel

Scarlet tailors the retreats and really personalizes the schedule of activities to benefit you the most. She is knowledgable about the island, the best resources available and most importantly is knowledgeable in so many aspects of overall well being from her yoga teaching, healing activities to help you feel re energized, positive and with a clear view on life. Its a week where you feel fully taken care of as well as given tools to take in your daily life to lead a balanced life

Leila Antakly