Scarlet Nayana started her path of helping other people after she had a burnout in 2016. That made her change her life from 18 years being a sales person in corporate life to dedicating her services to the wellbeing of other people.

I have personally experienced the challenges of stress, feeling down, lacking fulfillment, and being trapped in limiting beliefs. However, I embarked on a profound soul journey that led to my own transformation and the creation of my dream life based on my newfound values and heartfelt desires.

Through Yoga Healing Happiness, my mission is to assist others in breaking through their own barriers and finding freedom in their lives. I am dedicated to awakening and empowering individuals, guiding them towards creating and attracting their own dream lives. My approach involves leading individuals towards a heart-centered existence and fostering a healthy, joyful life filled with love and harmony. By providing clarity and inspiration, I aim to ignite a spark within others that can lead to transformative change.

Ultimately, my goal is simple: to help people find happiness and well-being in their bodies, minds, and souls. This is the true essence of life.

Since 2017, I have been fortunate to call the beautiful island of Ibiza my home. Previously I was attracted by vibrant party scene, I now reside in the tranquil northern part of the island, where I help individuals in reconnecting with nature and themselves.

I curate customized retreats and events, as well as group retreats with specific programs. Leveraging my extensive connections on the island, I organize holistic holiday experiences for groups, with a strong focus on well-being.

My life coaching sessions take place amidst the serene backdrop of the island, and can be complemented by yoga, meditation, and invigorating hikes. Regardless of the specific service I provide, my ultimate aim is to cultivate awareness and consciousness in my clients. I firmly believe that once we open our eyes and hearts to new possibilities, life becomes incredibly fulfilling.

Symbolizing this transformative journey is the blue butterfly, a messenger that spreads information, joy, and happiness. It represents the incredible metamorphosis from a humble caterpillar into a beautiful, liberated being.

If you too have a desire to soar to new heights, I invite you to reach out to Yoga Healing Happiness. Together, we can embark on a journey towards greater well-being in your life.