Hello, welcome to my website. My name is Scarlet Nayana and I created Yoga Healing Happiness based on my own life experiences. I had a transformational journey: The path from struggling (stress, not being fulfilled, feeling stuck) into clarity, light, freedom, and joy. From a life with superficial happiness, working with targets and commissions in the corporate world to a life created from the real heart desires and contributing to other people’s wellbeing. I founded Yoga Healing Happiness out of passion to give the clarity, joy and happiness I found to other people, helping with the things we all struggle with in life and sometimes find it hard to be open about. Think about fatigue, stress, burnout, disease, depression. Feeling stuck in our work situation and feeling pressure in our social environment. Let me guide you into a life living from the heart and creating a healthy happy life full of love and harmony. Or give you an experience that can light a spark inside of you which can turn into a flame.

The mission of Yoga Healing Happiness is to give people a good feeling. Feeling good in the body, mind and soul. Because that is what life is truly about. I want to give you new experiences, maybe a bit outside of your comfort zone or a heart opening experience through a reconnecting yoga class. A deep relaxing massage treatment that will release blocked energy and let you feel good in your body. I will be the experience expert who you can talk to about being stuck in life and not knowing what decisions to take to manifest the life that you want. You can join me for a private or group retreat to have a unique experience what will connect you with yourself and nature. Learning to be mindful and meditate in nature. I love to create a conscious holiday concept for you, wellness during your booked holiday stay. Just some touch points to help you remember when there is peace in your heart and mind. I want to contribute in your awareness and consciousness. Maybe I can open your eyes and help you seeing things in a different light.

The blue butterfly is the messenger. The one that spreads the joy and happiness. The one that transformed from a caterpillar into a beautiful light and free being. Do you want to fly with me?