Scarlet Nayana started her path of helping other people after she had a burnout in 2016. That made her change her life from 22 years being a sales person in corporate life to dedicating her services to the wellbeing of other people.

She knows very well how it is to be stressed, down, not fulfilled, feeling stuck in life and in limiting beliefs. She started to deep dive in her soul journey and transformed herself and created her dream life around her new values and deep heart wishes.

Her mission with Yoga Healing Happiness is to help other people break through and break free in their life. Awakening and empowering others to also create and attract their dream life. She guides you into a life living from the heart and a healthy happy life full of love and harmony. She provides clarity and inspiration that can light a spark inside of you which can turn into a transformational flame.

In the end we all just want to be happy. Feeling good in the body, mind and soul. Because that is what life is truly about.

Since 2017 she is living on her beloved island Ibiza. The same island where she used to come to party many years ago she now lives in the north of the island where she helps people connect to nature and reconnect to themselves. She creates retreats and events that are either custom made or group retreats with a specific program. She is very well connected on the island and organizes holiday experiences from A-Z for groups, with a conscious aspect of wellbeing. Her life coaching is the beautiful serene setting of the island, and can be combined with yoga, meditation and hikes.

What ever her service is, she always aims to bring awareness and consciousness to her clients as she knows how fulfilling life can be once we open our eyes and hearts to new horizons.

The blue butterfly is the messenger. The one that spreads the information, joy and happiness. The one that transformed from a caterpillar into a beautiful light and free being. Do you have a desire to fly high?

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