Do you know that Joy is a higher vibration than love? We want to feel love to feel joy. I believe you can attract love when you are in a state of joy. ‘Love has a dangerous aspect into it’ one of my students said yesterday when I was discussing this in my Happiness yoga […]

Ibiza season 2023

What summer will it be? This will be my sixth summer already in Ibiza. And every year is different. It is all depending on what work to attract, opportunities, people you flow with most, where you live etc. For sure I will be living in a new place, where is still a surprise but that […]

Inspire Yourself womens retreat Ibiza

I’m so excited! Yeah, I booked the villa for the next Inspire Yourself retreat! A new villa this time with big garden, huge pool, lounge areas, seaview from the rooftop and I’m creating a super special program 🙂 I already have an a-ma-zing workshop that I cannot share with you online but it is going […]