Do you know that Joy is a higher vibration than love? We want to feel love to feel joy. I believe you can attract love when you are in a state of joy. ‘Love has a dangerous aspect into it’ one of my students said yesterday when I was discussing this in my Happiness yoga class. That is an interesting topic.It makes it depending also on another. So uncondional love is without the need to receive it in return. But what would unconditional happiness mean to you?

Being happy regardless what. With my regular class Happiness Yoga – from now on in the beautiful surroundings of Atzaro – I wanted to make a difference. So every week I include a part coaching into it. This weeks topic was the 4 Archetypes of Happiness.

The rat racer – Always chasing goals but never finding long lasting happiness. From a point of disillusion chasing new goals again, thinking that will bring the long chased happiness

The hedonist – The one who is in the moment, celebrating life but does not think about the future. Does not take on new goals, avoids difficulties and responsibilities where possible.

The nihilist – The nihilist gave up on pleasure, gave up on happiness. Lost believe in a happy future and neither is happy in the present moment. Has low energy, just handling with what is, the known.

The happy person – The happy person is the one with healthy goals, finds satisfaction and pleasure in every step along the way to the top. Taking full responsibility for everything what has manifested and attracted in his / her life. Finding meaningful pleasure in growth and finds joy in ‘solving the shit’

Can you recognize yourself in the archetypes? The book Happier by researcher Ben Shahar brought me a lot of insights in myself when I read this in 2016 and I started to shift from victimhood to courage when I had difficulties in life.

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