What summer will it be?

This will be my sixth summer already in Ibiza. And every year is different.
It is all depending on what work to attract, opportunities, people you flow with most, where you live etc. For sure I will be living in a new place, where is still a surprise but that will give a different experience for sure. Grateful for the place I lived now for 3,5 years. Curious what is to come.

People now very well to find me now for yoga and massages. I have really nice clients always and come in the most special places. I love the connection with island visitors and to give them a nice experience during their holidays. Many times I hear people want to integrate more yoga into their lives after my classes.
I am looking forward to offer my coaching sessions and workshops more to visiting guests. Using the Ibiza energy and opportunity of being away from daily triggers to do some inner work; together with me looking at your life and future possibilities to go back with refreshed inspiration and vision.

Excited to flow with clients for 4 days around the island during one of the private retreats. I show special places while doing coaching, yoga, meditations, walks. And enjoying a well deserved lunch on a beautiful spot.

Very happy with the group of women who already have registered for the Inspire Yourself Retreat in May. It is going to be a very nice experience.

Also, I have some exciting news coming up around retreats, I will share that soon!

I have very beautiful new villas in my portfolio; if you are looking to book a villa for the season let me find that for you. I can also help you with a private yacht trip to Formentera what for sure will be one of the, maybe thé, best experience of your Ibiza trip. And if you like I can co-arrange your whole holiday for you.

March 21st is New Moon in 0 degrees Aries, the very first beginning of a new month, season and zodiac journey. A strong portal and very powerful day to plant seeds. That day I will be organizing a day retreat here in Ibiza, where we tune in on new beginnings, tune in on what we want to attract, achieve and experience the coming month, 3 and 12 months.

More news to be announced soon