Relax, refresh, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself at this luxury yoga & fitness retreat on the beautiful Island of Ibiza. This retreat is a mix of energetic daily yoga & fitness practice, pranayama breathing, meditation, and relaxation to help you de-stress and unwind. Give yourself this time to recover from your hectic life and establish new and healthy routines.


  • Daily yoga is a mix of vinyasa, hatha, and yin asanas & fitness practices, HIT, bodyweight, circuits
  • Pranayama, which is the formal practice of controlling the breath, which is the source of our prana, or vital life force.
  • Marma therapy, a very light stimulation of points on the body.
    This removes blockages and will give physical and psychological relaxation and strength. This is a powerful process and a therapy that works with these subtle and sensitive energy points to open the energy channels in the body
  • Daily healthy juices from IBIZA LOVE POTION, vegetables, fruit, superfoods, these juices provide several benefits besides increased elimination of harmful waste and toxins. This will boost the immune system and energy levels, purify your skin, increase metabolism to stimulate weight loss and improve organ function and digestive health.
  • Cacao opening ceremony upon arrival
    Raw cacao is a beautiful plant medicine with many health benefits. It will release hormones like serotonin and supply the body and brains with extra oxygen. We will use this moment to set our intentions on what we want to let go of and what we want to manifest.
  • Shamanic drum experience
    Shamanic energy with Petra and Tom Schilten. They will take you on a special journey through yourself to your higher consciousness where all the answers are hidden to be discovered by you. The drums will take you to the place where everything is possible and healing can take place
  • Before and after the program to prepare the body before the fast and build up food after
  • Spa, will increase blood flow to soar muscles, so better blood circulation. Water is yin and yang – when body is submerged in water, it offers true balance.

Price: €850 (3 Nights Accommodation)