Ready For A Change In Your Life? Join us in Ibiza on October 23 to 27.

What do I want? What are my talents? What do I have to offer in this world? How can I live my best life? Questions that many of us have. You want to change your life but you don’t know how. Inspire Yourself is a 5 day program where you will discover your talents, your drive, and your path towards your purpose.

Do you feel the call for this? Do you need the inspiration to spice up your life and come into your power? Then this 5 day deep dive is for you! Together with a group of people with the same desire for change, wanting the best life, and ready to take action, you will experience a transformational journey deep-diving into the soul.

The transition from the mind to the heart. From fear to flow, from anxiety to courage. Living your life from your authentic self, manifesting your dreams is the most powerful and inspirational life you can have. It’s never too late to make a new start!

Inspire Yourself retreat is a 5-day program that will (re-)connect you to your passion, power, and purpose. In 2016 I felt completely stuck, partly due to limiting beliefs, and ended up in burnout.

I started to invest in myself what is an ongoing thing, still today I invest in my personal development and growth. The programs and coachings I followed helped me creating other thoughts, therefore other emotions, I started to make other choices that resulted in other outcomes.

I will share all my learnings and teachings and developed this unique program to help other people in their journey of manifesting their dreams. You will have an amazing opening, uplifting and awakening experience that will empower you and you learn how to break through the next time when you are stuck or down.

You can book a room in the seaside villa from 697 or just join the program and healthy food for497 euro. Please get in touch with any questions you have!


4 Nights in Seaview villa walking distance of the center of Santa Eularia and some of the most beautiful beaches – 5 Day program that will reconnect you to yourself, nature, and the universe.

Yoga, guided meditations, journaling, writing, walking in nature, excursion to special Ibiza spots, cacao dance ceremony, spirit market. Also, workshop astrology and human design to discover your talents and potentials. It will be full of tools, technics and magic to give you clarity about your highest potential and direction for your future

5 Days delicious healthy vegan and vegetarian food – Option to book the 5th night and maybe more depending on animo to extend your stay. Price for a shared room from 997 euro

About your host Scarlet Nayana

Do you have the feeling you are not living your best life? I hear you, I was there too. For years. A burnout in 2016 made me do my soul search and recreate my life. The changes came when I took the time and effort to invest in myself and my future and now I am living my best life, manifesting my dreams. This is what I want for you too!

The journey I had the past 6 years is one of continuous self-development and -discovery. Knowing yourself gives clarity and direction. Knowing what you want gives the best energy boost and soul fuel. I wish that for you too and I developed this program for you with passion, dedication, and love. Let me inspire you!



  • Beautiful Seaview Villa surrounded by nature and peace
  • Delicious Vegetarian and Vegan Food by private chef
  • Heart opening workshops as cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance
  • Soulful treats for the body, mind, and soul
  • Daily guided Meditations and Yoga
  • Astrology and human design workshops to discover your talents
  • Coaching and guidance for soul discovery journey and transformation
  • A unique experience and treat for the senses
  • Hikes and Island discovery, rituals on special island spots

Price for the 5 day Journey: From 997 euro (based on a shared bedroom)

Inspire yourself retreat (5)