Scarlet Nayana customizes her classes to your needs. A very relaxing and nourishing yin yoga class, a strong power yoga workout or a yogalates. If you are a beginner or more advanced or a mixed group, she creates in any situation a beautiful experience!

You can join her Happiness yoga classes in Atzaro, at the beach, privately in villa’s, on a yacht and in retreats


Scarlet Nayana created her own massage style what is a mix of different techniques. An intuitive flow with Deep tissue for the deeper work, Ayurvedic massage grips and pressures and Lomi Lomi, the massage style from Hawai with long strokes, completed with some energy work. She has soft but strong and loving hands. Also she gets more information from the body than what is seen and felt with the general senses. Many times she was rewarded with feedback it was the best massage ever.


Scarlet Nayana coaches in a natural style. She is a good listener and a teacher by heart. Her mission is to open eyes, minds and hearts and let people awaken to their authentic self. With her many skills, qualities and experiences she coaches in a way that she uses different body and mind techniques. She has patience, a deep understanding of life and emotions and a mind that is ready for the master to rise. Besides she can help you on the right path, she is a fun and dynamic person to be with and she takes you to different inspiring places of the island. Before she choose this life and profession she has been working 22 years in corporate life as a driven sales person. Now she is the conscious yoga teacher but also a human who knows how to enjoy the good things in life, knowing the good places for lunches in the sun; combining purpose and pleasure.


Retreating yourself is the way to clear yourself from your normal environment that triggers you into you usual patterns. Guidance will help getting clarity and vision. Scarlet Nayana offers transformational retreats, combining inner work, relaxation and life celebration. You can book her for one day retreats, a 4 day journey for yourself or maybe with friends or family or one of her group retreats. She is a great host and teaching is her passion.

Villas & holiday concepts

Scarlet Nayana has a very creative mind and a big network in the conscious community. She can find the best villas for your needs and can create your holiday from A-Z, with some wellness and wellbeing included. Adventures as a day tour Formentera, other sports like mountainbike tours or water sports, services as private chef, yoga, meditation, coaching, massages, a nanny, a healing treatment, cacao ceremony, moon ceremonies, sound healing journey, ecstatic dance or maybe a tantra workshop to name a few possibilities. Or a guided tour over the island to see and expeience the special Ibiza spots.